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  • I’m creating a site to list photos taken at concert events by different photographers.

    Each photographer has an account which they use to add a Page for each event. So we may have photographers: Sean, Cesar, Angela, Scott.

    Photos may be taken at different venues: Club Nokia, The Mint, Dakota’s, The Forum.

    Photos may be of different bands: The Cranberries, Willie Nelson, Papa Roach, Snoop Dogg.

    I want a table which can read this information from custom fields on each page, and can display them on a nice table, allowing the viewer to sort them.

    So my question perhaps has a few parts:
    1) What’s the best practice for layout? Is it:
    or something else?

    2) How do I make the table work properly the way I want it?
    When you get to the site and click Sean’s Pictures, you should see a table which shows photos taken by Sean, and you can sort by venue, date, band name, etc.
    If you click concert photos, you see photos by all contributors, and can sort by contributor name.

    Eventually, I’d also like to give some search fields to the viewer so they can search for bands, events between certain dates, etc.

    This site will also be used for article writers who will submit excerpts from their music related articles which then point back to their article sites.

    I’ve done a ton of searches and found several minor plugins and functions to list subpages, but they are not nearly robust enough for my purposes, and I’m not nearly the programmer needed to bring them up to speed.

    Thanks for your help!

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