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    HI, All,

    I would like to have several (right now, just two) pages of photos under one title on the menu. I have two galleries but only one shows up under the title. How do you get them to nest properly?

    Here’s my site, in case it helps to see it.


    Vivian Lee

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  • Just to clarify you want the something like the following?

    when you hover over Garden photo’s sub menus appear for say Gallery 1 and Gallery 2?

    To achieve this you can use the menus tab found at
    Dashboard> Appearance > Menus
    Simple use the large block on the left to name a menu. Add the pages you want to display as the menu using the “Pages” “Cusotm Links” and “Categories” on the right. Once you have added the pages to your new menu you can drag/drop them into the order you would like them to appear on the menu. You can also indent which will make it a Child of the page directly above.

    so you should have something like this at the end

    About Me
    Garden Photo’s
    – Gallery 1
    – Gallery 2

    Once completed click save. Then the last thing you need to do is under “Theme Locations” On the left you need to select whatever you called your menu under ‘Primary Menu’ and click save.

    Hope that is clear and makes sense.

    Hi, JonWicks25, Thanks for your help but I am still confused.

    I checked the status of my dashboard according to your instructions and it actually appears (under “Pages”) that it is set up properly, but it isn’t working so I assume I missed a step. When you say “Add the pages you want to display as the menu using the “Pages, Custom Links, and Categories” what does that mean? I didn’t use Custom Links, so what should I enter there? Categories, I think I can do. I’ll try to get that straightened out on my own, but Custom Links??

    Vivian Lee (thank you!!)

    Hi, Jon!

    I think I figured it out! I seem to have the “sub-menu” working now. I’m still not sure what to do with the Custom Links box, but at least what I was hoping to do actually works now. I appreciate your help!

    Vivian Lee

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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