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  • Maybe this has been fixed in 2.2 (I’m not brave enough to upgrade until I hear how it’s gone for other people) but when you have 400 or 500 Pages it becomes a real chore when creating a new Page to try to find a particular parent page. The drop-down doesn’t really scroll properly for some reason and it makes it impossible to see where you are in the list. It is in Firefox, anyway.

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  • Haecceity: I thought the same thing when inside the editor and attempting to locate a template or page from the drop down. But the list of files is actually there inside the drop down — there just isn”t any scrollbar so it makes it seem as the list is truncated. But the list is actually there — just not exactly obvious.

    Click on any template or page in the dropdown box, then use your down arrow key on your keyboard to move down the templates list.

    The list of templates inside the drop down list is pretty disorganized — that is, neither alphabetcially sorted by template name or other logical sort that I can see… just a random type list. So if you have a lot of templates, you’ll have to scroll a bit to find the one you want.

    Yes, I’ve been using the down arrow to scroll down through the 500 to 600 pages listed, which is a bit of a chore. As you say, the list doesn’t display properly in the box, and isn’t very useful.

    A refinement is that you can type the first two letters of a post title to jump to a certain point in the list. Sometimes that means I only have to hit the down button a hundred or so times to get where I want to be.

    And yes, the templates being in no order is very unhelpful!

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