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    I’m very sorry for the incovinience,
    I would like to ask where and when are the form parameters putted.
    By parameters I mean: RequestType, RequestType, ExpirePreauth,ExpirePreauth ,CurrencyCode etc.
    These are not showed in the settings of the plugin. Also Piraeus Bank asks for the first test case the Installments to be set 0, but you can choose from 1 to 24 on the settings.
    Nowhere on the manual is said where you should add these parameters.

    Best regards.


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  • Plugin Author mpbm23


    These parameterers are already send automatically by the plugin when the user select the piraeus bank in checkout.
    Using 0 and 1 is the same, because it is installments.

    Thanks a lot, I will check it asap!
    And sorry again..

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