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  1. Mike Little
    Posted 12 years ago #

    function get_archives($type='', $limit='', $format='html', $before = "", $after = "", $show_post_count = false)
    type = one of 'monthly', 'daily', 'weekly', or 'postbypost', empty = use option configured type
    limit = limit number of entries/months/weeks/etc. returned
    format = one of 'link', 'option', 'html' or empty
    link will output link rel="archives" entries
    option will output option value= entries for use in a form
    html will output list item links
    empty will use the before and after params
    before is for text/html to be output before the link
    after is for text/html to be output after the link (and also after the link but before the closing list item tag in html mode)
    show_post_count = whether to show a count of posts for that month (only works in monthly mode)
    Hope this helps,

  2. notthatugly
    Posted 12 years ago #

    That's great -- thanks!

  3. Xial
    Posted 12 years ago #

    Clearly, I'm out of my league.
    I would use get_archives(weekly,,option) if I wanted to override the default, and have a dropdown list for my archives, on a weekly basis? or would I have to manipulate the function directly (which is not optimal, as I use CVS builds)?

  4. Mike Little
    Posted 12 years ago #

    Try something like this (taken from this thread):
    <form name="archiveform" action="">
    <select name="archive" onchange="window.open(document.forms.archiveform.archive[document.forms.archiveform.archive.selectedIndex].value);">
    <?php get_archives('weekly','','option'); ?>
    I'm not 100% on the javascript but I think it should work.

  5. Jaykul
    Posted 12 years ago #

    Feature Request: An optional categor(y|ies) parameter, which would let us use this on individual post pages to list other posts in the same category ... that would be really nice.

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