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  • Adrian


    In the Opera browser, Linux and Win XP where I have tested this, the New “Parameter” theme makes a move, or shake the whole page when you hover the mouse around a link.

    Using both; Theme and Child. When the web page refreshes in this browser, it leave a margin at the top of the title, then moving the mouse for any link the page is shaken and returns the top margin.

    Remove all hover, and color without overcoming the problem.

    The strange thing is, I assign a page to archive a section on child theme (a new archive page), in this particular section this error does not happen, trying to do the same with other page, the error is not eliminated.

    I’m about to give up, someone here has had the same experience, or any recommendation to try.

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  • mr49online


    Hi, Adrian!!!

    Your site link plz?



    mr49online Thanks for answering.

    I’m running all tests in a local installation, but I installed the “Parament” theme on my website to be accessible. From the main menu, the third link is an archive section, this particular page together with all singular in it, not this same error occurs.

    In my tests this happens with Opera in Linux and XP. Apparently has to do with bold, fillers, color and hover.

    If you have any idea I would like to try before returning to 2011.

    Finally, my problem is that I use Opera a lot and I like Parament, but work well in Opera is a point.

    Happy New Year.



    Happy New Year.. 🙂

    while accessing your site i got this error.. “403 error, acceso prohibido”



    mr49online. I have to give you my most sincere apology to be blocking your access.

    I hope you do not mind if I mention you come from a place that has brought my little website the most dangerous visits.

    I’m one of those paranoid that review the Log Server, and add rules, at least every other day.

    I’ve cleaned up access for you. Thanks again for taking a look at this.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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