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  • noctis


    Hi there,

    I read somewhere that if the website could parallelize the connections , the website will load much faster.

    Is this true ?

    Let’s say I want to use timthumb script to generate thumbnails for my WordPress site. I’m using a theme with a lot of thumbnails on the front page and sidebar. (30 on the main content and 20 on the sidebar). This means a lot of request for the timthumb.php and for the server.

    Now comes the questions:

    1. If I move all the uploaded images to a subdomain (sd1) and the timthumb script to another (sd2), does this make my site to load much faster?

    2. But if I set one timthumb script to generate a part of my thumbs, from the main content to subdomain sd1, and another timthumb script from subdomain sd2 to generate the thumbs from sidebar ?

    I suppose this means to parallelize the connections for a website.
    Is this a way to improve the website performance ?

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  • s_ha_dum


    It can decrease the time it takes if your server can handle it. Web browsers will download a limited number of items from the same address at the same time, so if you load items from different addresses you should be able to download more things in parallel. It does mean more load on your server (unless you have multiple servers) and more strain on the client (browser) internet connection, so it may not work out to be a big gain in practice. You are asking the same question as here:

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