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  • Hi

    I imported over 400 posts from Expression Engine and have a few problems getting them to display correctly.

    For example, the post html is a follows:

    <p>'Insolvency' doesn't always mean bankruptcy, though. There
    are various forms of insolvency that can help people in different situations,
    from IVAs (Individual Voluntary Arrangements) and DROs (Debt Relief Orders) to
    Protected Trust Deeds.</p>

    What should happen is that this should appear as one paragraph but because of the line breaks after the words ‘There’ and ‘situations,’ the paragraph is broken up. Is there any way (perhaps SQL) to remove these line breaks from within paragraphs?

    The second issue arises where there is no html but the same line breaks e.g.

    And there are other forms of assistance that can help people
    steer clear of the kind of situation where they'd need to think about entering

    In this case this should appear as one paragraph but the line breaks after ‘people’ and ‘entering’ cause it be broken up onto new lines. Again, if there a piece of SQL that could correct this?

    I really don’t want to have to go through any manually edit each post of I can avoid it.

    Many thanks in advance


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