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  • I am experiencing difficulties wysiwyg editor on my site. I am using WordPress 2.02. This is not happening on any other site that I have running wordpress (other sites are running 2.01)

    What is happening is as follows:

    • When I have a post title with multiple words, the “slug” does not include underscores. So a title like “Mary had a little lamb” has the slug “Mary had a little lamb” instead of “mary_had_a_little_lamb”. The lack of underscores means that my links don’t really work when linking to the post-title
    • No paragraph tags are being inserted into post text. If I type multiple lines into the editor and click on the -HTML- button, in the popup window there are paragraph tags. However, when I save the post, the paragraph tags are left out. This obviously causes formatting problems when displaying the posts

    Any help in rectifying this situation would be appreciated. Please let me know if any more info is needed.

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  • Well it’s interesting that your post from 3-18 was fine. So have you enabled any plugins lately? Made any modifications lately?

    Also, I just tried to submit a comment to your post about Technorati and after hitting Submit, I was facing a blank white screen.


    Re: post from 3/18 – it is missing the paragraph tags. After it was posted, the slug didn’t have underscores so I went back and edited the slug so that it wouldn’t be broken (like the test post)

    All of the other posts were imported from another blog (explaining why the posts there have proper slugs)

    The error with the comments has been fixed (at least for me, let me know if you get it again).

    Any thoughts on the other problems?


    got it fixed after reuploading a fresh copy of the wordpress 2.02 source (must have messed something up in there)

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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