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    Ive been going through the Forums all day now. I read a lot about how TinyMCE and WordPress handles the < p > tag. I know. Plus, I do see the format < p > and </ p > tags flicking/showing up when switching between html and visual mode, before they hide again in both modes.

    Everything went fine until last night, when I ecountered that all! posts/text lost all p /p paragraph tags and articles run without linebreaks on the screen. There are no p tags around the post-text in the source code!
    Now, for testing, when insert p tags in html mode an save, they stick in the editor, but still dont show in source code on screen!
    I had parafs before, its not a css problem, all wpautop filters are turned on, I reloaded formatting.php, default-filters.php and shortcodes.php from a mint WP 2.6, I replaced the MCE and in the end I replaced the entire WP install expt. the content. Nope.
    Now, it might be a plugin problem, but I deinstalled the plug plus despite the plug is very simple and only came on action when loading the backend, its in use for a while and never reported anything like it.
    What can I do, where can i search? Basically I want , need them parafs back – in source, on screen

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  • …when switching between html and visual mode

    Do not switch back and forth between code and visual, it will mess up your code.

    thanks Iridiax. But thats not the real issue. I can save without switching, doesnt help – and only did to see if they show in editor, they do in a glimpse. It deleted all p on untouched, formerly saved posts, which screened fine too until now

    to explain again: there are no paragraph tags in the source code, though in the editor it seems ok

    Problem solved! Was a hack my friend inserted these days in a third party problem that said ..strip_selected_tags($string, array(“p”));

    In case someone reads this with a similar issue, which is not based on my cause of missing p, I recommend to try Elke Burmesters plugin that willadd extra p tags where they should appear (in any case)


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