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  • Is there a way to eliminate the “P” tags that are in every post? I am trying (in 2 places) to pull data from my db and WP places a “p” tag around every one. I have the piece ofo code like this:

    <p class="navigation">Photography Blog<br><?php the_excerpt(); ?>...</p>

    Thought it would look like this in the source:

    <p class="naviagation">Photography Blog<br>Today I took some pictures...</p>

    But this is what is happening:

    <p class="naviagation">Photography Blog<br><p>Today I took some pictures</p>...</p>

    Can’t I do something about this? I looked everywhere.

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  • Hmm, and the difference is?

    There are plenty of threads to “disable autop”, just look ’em up

    Edit: Ah, you fixed it. Figured that was your problem. Do a search on what I gave you as there are different options.

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