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  • When I switch between the “Visual” & “Code” view in WP or when I save a post, some of the formatting I have applied in the visual editor isn’t transferring (specifically the <p> tag).

    Let me clarify: <em> & <strong> tags DO transfer between views. <p> tag does not.

    For example, I am unable to hit the “enter” key two or three times between paragraphs because these paragraph (<p>) tags either aren’t being generated in WP or they aren’t present when I move between views. Therefore, when I save the page, these inserted unpopulated paragraph tags are lost.

    Another example: I can take a paragraph, designate it as “paragraph” under the formatting drop-down, and immediately see a change in the way the text is formatted in the “Visual” editor. When I switch to the “Code” editor to verify that the corresponding <p> code has been created, the <p> tags aren’t present. These <p> tags disappear whether I am switching views or actually saving the post.

    I have moved between WP 2.2. & 2.3.1 to no avail on this particular site. Furthermore, I have run WP on several other sites & not had this problem.

    Thoughts? Is this possibly some sort of server-related issue that I am unaware of?

    Any advice would be very much appreciated!

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  • I am suffering from exactly the same problem! Its very frustrating I have to say. The only thing that works is manually adding in <p> tags. As far as I am aware, this is a standard installation and I am modifying the Classic theme. The only plugin I have added is a search plugin which allows you to add a title to the widget.

    Any ideas?? Is there somthing I am missing somewhere?

    I have exactly the same problem! I have 4 WordPress sites and I just created a new one that uses 2.3.1 and this problem occurred.

    I was about to upgrade my other 2.0 sites to 2.3, but will not until this is resolved.

    Same problem here!

    Same problem here…I’m using Safari 3.0.4 if that makes any difference.

    I just tested with FireFox, I think Safari might be the culprit here…

    i’ve tried with both safari and firefox, to no avail. There seems to be a lot of people with this issue, going back months in the forums, and no response or support from WordPress. Very disappointing.

    I’ve been having the same problem. This is a huge problem, and a real showstopper for my use of WordPress, since I can’t very well hand off a website to a client which they can’t update. <p> tags are disappearing when inside of a div. I put them back in when in code view, and they just get deleted again. Please, someone? Anyone?

    Addendum to my last post: this is happening on Pages. Can’t say whether it’s happening on Posts or not.

    It is definitely happening on posts. I just launched a new website for my current client, and this is a serious problem because this site is viewed by thousands a day during certain times of the year ( and the people using it have no code knowledge so even if I disabled visual view and figured out a code hack they couldn’t be expected to manually insert <p> tags.

    IF ANYONE AT WORDPRESS IS LISTENING, THIS IS A SERIOUS PROBLEM AND WE REALLY NEED THIS FIXED. Whatever algorithm is disabling <p> tags please disable it or let us know how.

    OK, I just did a test in a Post. Same issue there. Here is an example:

    <div class="test">

    If I put that in code view, then save and flip between visual and code view, each time I flip back to code view it’s deleted another set of <p> and </p> tags. So after 3 or four flips between visual and code view, here is what I end up with in code view:

    <div class="test">onetwothree</div>

    Can anyone help me out here?

    I am having an exactly identical issue sparkybarkalot. I have been searching for almost a week for a fix for this and I cannot find any. I’ve checked every forum, every thread, every everything and there is no apparent fix. If you come across one, please post here (I have this thread on RSS in case anything comes up) but other than that I have mostly given up, and just hope that WordPress itself can fix it.

    Individual bloggers should not have to deal with or try to fix a basic issue like this. Adding functionality is fine, I’m willing to spend time doing that, but not restoring functionality.

    After a few days of trying to get make this work, I gave up and then found the FCKEditor plugin which, after a few preliminary tests, seems to work just fine and doesn’t exhibit the same problems as WP’s default visual/code view. You can find it here: or here:

    Obviously this is no solution, but just a workaround until someone on the WP team can sort this one out.

    I had the same problem and it’s also a new blog, so I’m not sure if that has anything to do with it. I did try the FCKEditor, but it had no effect. (although I like it).

    Has this been fixed in 2.3.2??

    This makes the visual editor totally useless in fact I can’t believe more people are not jumping up and down about this!!

    This is a serious bug as far as I’m concerned

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