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  • I’m importing a bunch of entries from an RSS file. The import goes fine except that the content of the entries is now surrounded by paragraph tags. I don’t want those tags there and I don’t want to go through 40,000 entries and delete them, nor do I want a script to do it, because it will mess with some paragraph tags that are supposed to be there.

    I’ve looked at rss.php to see if there’s something obvious that I could change, but I apparently don’t know enough about PHP to figure out where in the script this is being done.

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  • Anybody?

    What does your code look like? I am doing the same thing. Check out my other post to see my code.

    My new entries are imported from flat files, so there’s no extra code required. I started with tens of thousands of text entries and with a little grepping and searching-and-replacing, I convert it all into RSS entries, since that’s one of the formats that is easiest to setup for WordPress to import.

    I’m still hoping someone can point to where this paragraph tag insertion is taking place. It’s one of those really stupid things that WP does for no good reason.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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