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  • Hey all,

    I’ve written several posts and all have come out normal for the most part as far as spacing.

    I’m referring to the following: When I type something here…

    And then down here…

    And then again here…anything like that, most of the time when I hit update or publish, it looks the exact same on the blog.

    A couple of times however, when everything is spaced as it is above, I’ll hit update or publish…

    And it looks like this.
    Everything is squished together. And no matter how many times I delete, copy, paste or start over, it’s still all squished together.

    That said, I’m a complete newb to this. But, I’m not hitting any new buttons. I’ve posted a link or two sometimes, but I’m not entirely sure what triggers it. Any info would be most appreciated.

    Thank you !

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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