• I have made my first proper theme, and would be interested to hear your comments. I’ve called it Paper Cut.

    The text-link colours aren’t finalised.
    Currently it looks best imho in Fx, but I haven’t yet seen it in Opera or Safari. IE6 isn’t its best friend.

    All comments are very welcome.

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  • not a bad looking theme.

    however, i do find the sidebar a little hard to read .. might want to think about using a background image …


    there is a bg image on the sidebar though, a mirrored version of the main bg. This is where I think i might have to change the text link colours.

    @jazzle, don’t double post the same! It will be deleted.

    sorry – my bad, I realised I’d put this in the wrong forum.

    If the theme is for public release – you are in the right forum.
    If you just wanted to show off your theme… a mod will move it to the right place.
    (And as a general rule: posting in the “wrong” forum is a forgivable mistake, while double posting annoyes everybody!)

    @moshu: So have you actually deleted the other one?
    Can you please restore it and delete this one instead.

    edit: we posted at the same time there!
    This theme isn’t yet 100% complete.

    1. If there is a post with several replies and a duplicate of it with no answers – I’ll delete the one without answers.
    2. Yes, I delete duplicate posts as soon as I see them. Read the rules!
    3. You still didn’t answer the main question: is it for release (or will be) – or just showing your blog?

    sorry, it *will* be for release.

    Well, then the whole “exchange of ideas” wasn’t necessary – since the post is in the right forum!
    Good luck with your future release.

    Thanks, but I got the impression that since I wanted a critique the other forum would be better.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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