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  • Hello,

    I’ve tried setting up the Panorama theme (which looks great) to fit my websites design. I’m using WP3.0.
    I got pretty far, but theres a couple of things I’d like to change, but can’t seem to get right:

    1) I want my main page wrapper to be a color, not white. I can’t seem to find anything in the stylesheet that determines that color. perhaps it’s just not there, and the default is white.

    2) I want to add a background image outside the main page. It’s currently blue, but I’d like it to be an image that repeats, with the possibility to have it scroll along or be fixed. I tried this, but it didn’t show the image.

    body {
    background-image: url('http://[...]/background3.jpg'); /* path to the image*/
    background-repeat: repeat; /* repeats the image in X and Y axis (no-repeat) */

    3) I want to either remove the search-bar entirely (which is in the upper right corner), or place it next to the “entries RSS” text, which is also in the upper right corner. In the standard theme, they’re beneath one another. I want them next to eachother, so I can make the space above the main page as narrow as possible. (Commenting out the entire search bar CSS code apparently doesn’t work well. It messes up my header). In case that won’t work, I’d like to know how to remove it completely.

    4) I somehow do not have the menubar expanding when I hover my mouse over it. There should be subpages and 2nd subpages. The theme preview showed them fine, but when I activate, it won’t work for some reason. The CSS seems to be there, but I’m no expert, so I hope you can help me fix it.

    5) How can I change the width of the main page content and the widget sidebar? I’d like to make the sidebar 280px wide instead of the 240px it seems to be. The total page width is fine.
    Would it help to edit rcol.css:

    #main {

    changing 705 in 665 so my main content is 40px narrower, making my sidebar 40 wider?

    6) I’ve managed to make the footer more narrow, but I’d like to place some extra things in there, namely: an RSS feed link like the one in the top right corner; the credit text “panorama theme by themocracy”, and the standard powered by WordPress line. Credits to the right, wordpress line in the center, RSS feed link to the left.

    7) I’d like to know how to edit the text colour within the footer, so I can make the footer have a darker background, with lighter text in it. I might have missed that in the style.css…

    I’m no coder, but if anyone can tell me what CSS code to put in the stylesheet and where, I can get a long way.

    Panorama theme is here:

    My website is currently still using the 2010Weaver theme, because it is live and I can’t leave it unfinished with the panorama theme.

    (PS: I read here that Panorama had a <!–more–> bug. Is that still the case? I’ll test that later)

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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