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  • Hey, WordPress-ers.

    I have some questions for you! I’ve been looking around and I haven’t found the answer to them.

    1) How do you change the colour of the navbar buttons in the ‘Panorama’ theme? Or, how do you change the colour in ANY theme? I have no idea as I’m terrible with coding.

    2) How do I check my website email? I have an admin email ( and I don’t know how to see emails that are sent to that address. It’s very important that I can check.

    My blog URL:

    Thanks for your time.
    – Will

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  • Edit your theme and go to style.css.

    Look for this line:

    .horizmenu ul li.current_page_item a, .horizmenu ul li.current_page_item ul li a{
    background: #a9a9a9;

    Change the a9a9a9 to another colour hex code.

    As for the second one, that is up to your host. You could always hook up Google Apps email.

    The CSS code changes the colour of the button which goes to the page you are currently on.

    Tell meh 2 more things Devin:

    1) How to change the colour of every button and the navbar
    2) How to change the colour of the button that you are hovering on.

    thanks for the code though ^^

    Look for .horizmenu in the CSS. The full block of code is this:

    width: 100%;
    background: #ccc;

    Change #ccc for the colour.

    Same for hover, but this code you would change.

    .horizmenu ul li a:hover{
    background: #999;
    color: white;

    It won’t let me change the colour of all the buttons..

    You’re just going to need to look through all the CSS (mainly around “tabs” in it) Then just try and try again. It can take time to figure out which CSS identifier is the correct one to modify.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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