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  1. lisavollrath
    Posted 2 years ago #

    I'm working on a new site using the Pinboard theme. I used the Portfolio option for the first time today, and displaying in the post meta section of my portfolio posts is this: panels_data: a:0:{}

    I Googled, and discovered this could be a custom fields issue. Sure enough, I do have a custom field called panels_data.

    I have two plugins running on this site: Page Builder and Akismet. I tried deactivating Page Builder, with no change.

    I also Googled "panels_data pinboard theme", and got hundreds of results---not for solutions to the problem, but listings of hundreds of sites that have the exact same error showing on their portfolio posts.

    Any thoughts on a cause, or a solution to this issue?

  2. lisavollrath
    Posted 2 years ago #

    OK, I uninstalled Page Builder, then edited my post_meta table to remove all instances of panels_data, and it looks like the problem is gone.

    Am I assuming this means that Pinboard is not compatible with Page Builder? Or that the Page Builder plugin has an issue that causes it to store some of its data as a custom field?

    I would really like to find a way to make these two play nicely together...

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