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    Using WP 3.8.1 and plugin ver 1.4.4

    I created my page a few weeks ago using panels with basic text widgets with just an image, some text, and a link in each panel.

    I am trying to update today by deleting 1 widget from a panel (3 panel per row) and moving a panel from row 2, to row 1 by dragging the widget up to the new panel.

    When I save, the page refreshes and the first 2 panels in the main row lose all the text inside the widget and I have 2 empty widgets and then the panel I tried to move.

    This happens every time I save, and I have to go back and restore a previous version of the page.

    For reference, my site is

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  • As a follow up, I tried to just edit the panel instead of trying to delete the existing text widget and move another one, and now every time I save it just clears out the first 2 text widgets in the row.

    Plugin Author Greg Priday


    Can you check if you’re getting any Javascript errors, either before or after saving the page.

    This is what I get:

    Consider using ‘dppx’ units instead of ‘dpi’, as in CSS ‘dpi’ means dots-per-CSS-inch, not dots-per-physical-inch, so does not correspond to the actual ‘dpi’ of a screen. In media query expression: (min-resolution: 130dpi) wp-tinymce.php?c=1&ver=359-20131026:26
    Consider using ‘dppx’ units instead of ‘dpi’, as in CSS ‘dpi’ means dots-per-CSS-inch, not dots-per-physical-inch, so does not correspond to the actual ‘dpi’ of a screen. In media query expression: (min-resolution: 130dpi) wp-tinymce.php?c=1&ver=359-20131026:30
    event.returnValue is deprecated. Please use the standard event.preventDefault() instead. load-scripts.php?c=1&load%5B%5D=jquery-core,jquery-migrate,utils,jquery-ui-core,jquery-ui-widget,jq…:4
    Resource interpreted as Stylesheet but transferred with MIME type text/html: “”. wp-tinymce.php?c=1&ver=359-20131026:2

    Between the tinymce message listed above, and the thread about Ultimate Tiny MCE, I disabled the Ultimate Tiny MCE plugin and attempted to modify a panel and am still getting the issue that it clears panels.

    Plugin Author Greg Priday


    None of those errors look serious enough that they’d be causing any major issues. Would it be possible for you to give me temporary admin access or record a screencast of what’s happening?

    Can you do .AVI? I recorded using SnagIT. About 51MB

    Notice the strange “rn” characters that end up somewhere after the single panel that remains after the update. I highlighted it for a second for emphasis.

    Please let me know when you got the file so I can remove it from my server.

    I’ve just noticed now that this seems to be happening all over my site. I had a few pages where I tried to “fake” a sidebar on pages by using a 2 panel layout. Anytime I try to save anything with a panel, it starts to clear out all my text widgets.

    Plugin Author Greg Priday


    Can you see if the development version fixes the issue for you? I’ve fixed a few JS issues which were causing some problems.

    You’ll need to delete the current version of Page Builder before installing this development version.

    Dev version installed and access granted. Let me know what you figure out. Thanks!

    Plugin Author Greg Priday


    I’m busy recreating your config on my side so I can test everything. I’ll let you know what I find.

    Oh, and I see the page you’re setting up is essentially a pricing table. You could try out a plugin I created for that. Just a side note 🙂

    Plugin Author Greg Priday


    It turns out this issue is related to “NextScripts: Social Networks Auto-Poster”, for some reason this plugin is modifying the global $_POST data, which is resulting in malformed JSON which is why Page Builder is losing some of the content.

    If you disable that plugin, everything should work properly.

    You can also try contacting the developer of that plugin letting them know about the issue. Their plugin shouldn’t be modifying the global $_POST variable.

    Right on. Disabling it managed to resolve my issue.

    Thanks for the help. I’ll work with them on it, but I’m planning on trying your other widget to see if it does what I want (if not for this page, another one I am planning).

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