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  • In the post editor, click to HTML tab

    put <div style=”clear:both;”></div>

    directly under those two images to clear the floats, then the text will appear properly below it.


    Thanks, I followed your suggestion. It had no effect.

    By the way, it is disconcerting that I can add this html, save, switch to
    “Visual” edit mode, switch back to “html” edit mode and the code vanishes from the edit screen. It’s still there as I can see by viewing the html source in my browser.

    Yeah, that’s only a hack. You just don’t switch back to visual mode.

    The issue is that they’re being floated, and you need to clear the float afterwards.

    So try <br style=”clear:both;” />

    find something that won’t disappear afterwards.


    No, that doesn’t do it either. Thanks anyway.

    <p style="clear:both;">
    next set of content

    Personally I don’t switch back to visual on the posts I have to do this on.

    Emil Uzelac


    Theme Review Admin

    clear:both; will not do anything in this case. Simple “fix” without doing anything to your stylesheet is this:

    Just do align your left image to the left and leave the right one alone as is (align right)

    Your css alignleft is float left and alignright float right, all good in IE7 and IE8 too.

    Sample result:
    Take a look what happens when I add class: alignleft; to your left image


    PS This is directly from your post.

    Nice catch Emil, I could have sworn seeing the alignleft attached to it viewing it 9 hours ago. /shrug maybe not, but great find.

    Emil Uzelac

    Emil, thanks very much. It now works for me in IE7 as well as my other browsers.

    I imagine that when I tried it earlier, I did not have the most uptodate css for alignleft and alignright.

    Thanks again everyone.

    No, I was wrong there. I took out the <br style=”clear:both;” /> and had to put it back again, because without it the text below gets sucked upwards into the gap between the left and right images in all browsers.

    So the solution for me is using alignleft and alignright followed by a <br style=”clear:both;” />

    Thanks again.

    Ah well hey that’s great that you got it working right.

    Emil Uzelac


    Theme Review Admin

    Whatever you had in with alignleft was the solution. I am glad that this worked out nicely for you. Little bit from Frumph, very minor from me and voila it all works great.

    @frumph at that time I had more rest probably 😉 It’a all good!

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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