Paid WordPress theme is broken in IE 7. SOS! (2 posts)

  1. proforma
    Posted 3 years ago #

    We have purchased Vendor theme and launched a site.
    To our huge disappointment the theme is broken in IE 7.
    The site is quite comprehensive and redesign will take time and delay the launch of our marketing campaigns.
    What to do? How to fix it.

    If you are a IE 7 user please see how it looks.
    and also this page with the lead form:

    SOS! :-)

  2. Take heart, people should avoid IE 7 if they can.

    We have purchased Vendor theme


    What to do? How to fix it.

    I'm sorry, but we do not support commercial themes here. We can't; we do not have access to the theme itself (and truth be told, don't want access) and fixing things like that may require looking at the PHP.

    You can take a look at your site with Firebug and try to fix any validation errors but that that often requires fixing PHP files.

    Please contact your theme vendor. Part of what you paid was for their support.


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