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  • wpgirl777


    I have the paid version – gives me access to all of their information resources, access to a great keyword research tool, forums etc.

    A great plug-in. For a wordpress newbie, it fills in all the knowledge gaps that are missing, and I don’t need to search for it. The info provided seems well-researched and top-notch – I’m impressed!

    Kind of feels like I get someone to “hold my hand” through the whole process of setting up my WordPress site, someone to “hold my hand” through narrowing down my niche, someone to “hold my hand” and teach me so many of the things I want, and need, to know! Love it!

    As for the free version, I think it’s purpose is to give you a taste of the info provided in the free version – if you like what you see, then upgrade – I don’t think you’ll regret it. If it doesn’t seem to be what you need, then don’t bother with the upgrade – if you are already wildly successful with WordPress on your own, this isn’t for you. But if you are a newbie I think you’ll love it (paid version, that is!)

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  • I take it you already use SBI (you certainly “sing like one of the choir”), in which case you get the paid version for free.

    Glowing five star reviews from “newbies” who allude to having no previous experience with a product are fishy. You can smell them a mile away.



    Obviously I am using SBI since I have the plug-in??? I have never used WordPress before, so yes, I’d say I’m a WordPress newbie. What’s with your snarkiness over that? Surely if you’re just some bitter and twisted troll you can find better things to do with your time…

    Obviously I am using SBI since I have the plug-in???


    How is it obvious, pray tell? Apart from the tone of your entire “review”, that is.



    Because I like the product, gave it 5 stars, you assume I’m faking my review? You’ve gotta be kidding me.

    It sounds like you’ve used it yourself, didn’t like it, and now you are trolling around here because you disagree with my review. Sorry we disagree. But leave me be.

    I LIKE it. I LIKE it. I LIKE it!

    Why should you care?

    EDIT: you literally created your user profile an hour ago – did you seriously just create a profile just for the purpose of essentially calling me (someone you’ve never met), a liar?


    Ah well, you´ve got me there. You´ve been a member for 2 hours more than me.

    You are advising people to shell out money for something that you cannot guarantee will continue to work in the future as it may have done in the past.

    THAT is why I care.



    Yes, but I created my profile to post a review – being NEW to WordPress, I obviously would not have had a profile in the first place, so had to create one.

    Can anyone guarantee that anything will work in the future? Look, I don’t know much of anything about plug-ins yet, just getting used to everything in the world of WordPress… so maybe other plug-ins are guaranteed to work forever? I don’t know. But this is just a once a year fee… it’s not like you have to pay them forever… if you don’t find it useful later on, or if it stops working for a person, just don’t renew.

    In any case, I found the resources that I gained access to via this plug-in helpful – so yes, I stand by my original statement that if one likes what they see with the free version, I don’t think they’d regret upgrading to the paid version. And as I said, I think this plug-in is for newbies… if you have already mastered WordPress, if you are already making good money on-line etc, then you don’t need this.

    So again, why on earth are you so opposed to the fact that I liked this plug-in, and rated the paid version 5 stars? It’s just my opinion. Aren’t I entitled to have one? Or am I only entitled to have one if I agree with you?

    So Bill, what should I rate this plug-in? Perhaps you’d like to write my review FOR me???

    OK, let´s see…

    Your original review lacks transparency as to how familiar you actually are with this product, ie., were you already an experienced user of SBI before you started using this plugin, in which case you would have got the paid version for free?

    If you have already made good money using SBI, why not just be upfront and say so? It might even help your cause.

    If you haven´t made any significant money using SBI, or if you have never used SBI before then you have no business posting such a glowing review and advising people to buy it when it has only been on offer to WP users for less than a month.

    Your review gives the distinct impression (especially to people unfamiliar with “SBIesque”) that you have no previous experience with either the keyword tool or the guidance. It gives the impression that you have just paid the $149, think it is great, and are advising other “newbies” to buy it.

    People like transparency, and they like proof. You provide neither.



    What is this, an inquisition?

    And what on earth is SBIesque? Another plug-in? Maybe an older version of this one?

    if you have never used SBI before then you have no business posting such a glowing review and advising people to buy it when it has only been on offer to WP users for less than a month.

    What do you mean if I’ve never used it before I have no business posting such a glowing review???

    I HAVE THE PAID VERSION OF THE PLUG-IN. I’m not just pretending to have it… I DO have it and I’m USING it, and I REALLY like it.

    You want proof. Would screenshots suffice? Give me a break.

    I sincerely hope you aren’t representative of the average WordPress community member… if you are, then I think I’ll be keeping to myself a lot more from now on.

    So Bill, I’m done. Going to go do some more reading in the new info I’ve got via this plug-in. Won’t be replying to any more of your comments.

    And, lastly, if anyone else reading this ends up buying this plug-in and liking it, PLEASE come back and post your GLOWING review… just to spite our new friend Bill. 😛

    C’mon… it’ll be fun 🙂

    And, lastly, if anyone else reading this ends up buying this plug-in and liking it, PLEASE come back and post your GLOWING review… just to spite our new friend Bill. 😛


    Yes, why not? Provided the review is objective and has some substance to it.

    Right now, the only people who should be making “buy it” recommendations are people who are having continued success using SBI (Site Build It), and who preferably also have at least some experience of using WordPress. If the reviewer is one of those people… great.

    Ultimately, the very best “buy it” recommendations will come from people who have never used SBI, and who have had little or no success with WP prior to using this plugin.

    But after three weeks (or less) of using a product that is geared towards long term SEO success? I don´t think so.



    Bahahahaha… ok… I’m back for one more round. I’ve had great night’s sleep, and I’m ready for more!

    Not sure I get what you’re talking about with the SEO success thing.

    But anyhow, as I see it, the plug-in offers a lot of stuff that I wanted, and I think it’s worth $150 for a year of access. If I still find it useful after that, I’ll renew. If not, then I stop. No big deal Billy. (I hope you don’t mind if I call you Billy…)

    Billy, have you actually USED this product? It has piles and piles of info that it gives you access to – all in one place – easy. Time saving. What the heck is not to like? (no… don’t answer that Billy… I know that’s not providing enough “substance” and “detail” for you.)

    I stand by my review 100%. This plug-in (PAID VERSION) is great for many reasons – here are few more 🙂 (Just to give you a bit more substance Billy… not that I expect you to appreciate it… you’re kind of hard to please… has anyone ever told you that before?) But anyhow… back to things I like…

    4 Things I LOVE About the BixXpress Plug-in

    (Disclaimer: if your name is Billy Reid, you probably will not be satisfied with the degree of “substance” and “details”… but for the rest of you NORMAL people, this should suffice, and will probably be useful)

    1) great info on setting up WordPress, recommended plug-ins, security issues to watch out for, things to look for in a theme, lots of hand-holding how-to’s that save me the time of googling the info. It’s all in one place – I LOVE that. I don’t want to waste time looking for this info everywhere – I’m loving the step-by-step directions because it’s saving me so much time and frustration. HUGE PLUS – MAJOR SELLING POINT for me. (Maybe not for you Billy, but I’m loving it.)

    2) the keyword research tool is really neat – easy to use – this is worth paying for – have you looked at the other keyword research tools out there Billy? This one is pretty cool (No wait… you hate this plug-in for some reason which you are choosing to keep a secret, known only to you and your psychiatrist…)

    3) The forums are quite active – not the WP section yet (I’m guessing because it’s still NEW) – but unlike what I’m experiencing here with you Billy, the community there is very kind, very helpful – I LOVE it. Lots of people who are working on the same thing I am – trying to see if they can build a more than a hobby out of their site. It’s nice to connect with them. (Have you ever priced out access to some of the other business building forums out there Billy? This isn’t the only one in the world that you pay for access to you know… if you don’t like it, don’t pay. No-one is forcing you to do anything my friend.)

    4) Loads of great info about on-line business building that has me quite excited by the possibilities. There are lots of ideas that I had never considered. When you get a look at how much info is in there, you’ll be amazed – it’s like the info I’d expect to find in dozens of e-books that I could purchase for $10-30 each, but all in one place – and MUCH LESS EXPENSIVE THAN BUYING DOZENS OF THOSE E-BOOKS Billy! (To be clear, I’m not saying YOU must go and spend any money Billy… but for ME, it’s worth the money. And yes, I think if a WordPress newbie tries out the free version of this plug-in and likes what they see, I think they will LOVE the paid version even better – I don’t think they’d regret spending the money on it. But THEY are not YOU Billy. I already know that YOU won’t be happy with this plug-in, so no worries… you’ve made that abundantly clear Billy.)

    A note to my new friend Billy: Nowhere on the internet is there a rule that says there is a minimum time you need to use a product before posting a review. NOWHERE. I’ve seen what’s on offer in the paid version, (and there is a LOT of good stuff in there) and there is no reason whatsoever for me to wait, what, MONTHS or YEARS to post what I think of it.

    Furthermore, there is no requirement, other than from YOU, to post a long, detailed review. Are you going to head over to Amazon next to start policing their reviews to make sure they meet your “quality standards and minimum word count?” ROFL

    It’s blatantly obvious that you have a beef with this company – you’re not harassing people that post 1-star reviews and telling them they need to try the product for a while before daring to post their review… NO… you come HERE… to my POSITIVE review and harass me over it. You’re a hypocrite Billy. You should be posting on EVERY. SINGLE. REVIEW. You ought to tell everyone that they have no business posting a review on a 1-month old product. But no. You only post here.

    If you don’t like this company for some reason, then don’t buy the product. And if you don’t like the product because you’ve bought and paid for it, then post your own review. No wait… you probably feel conflicted about that since you’ve already stated that no-one should be posting a review of a 1-month old product. (Tip: Talk to your psychiatrist about this and see it they can help you resolve this conflict.)

    Your behaviour and comments on my review are very strange, very odd, and downright ridiculous. Honestly bud… your behaviour here is just plain weird – if I were having this discussion with you in person, I’d be a bit creeped out by your intensity.

    What’s the deal – full disclosure runs both ways Billy. Why are you dislike this company so much? Is it because despite all their hand-holding you still couldn’t figure it out? Is it because you suffer from below-average problem solving skills and no matter how many different ways the plug-in explained things to you, you just couldn’t figure it out and now you’re upset?

    Oooo, oooo! If anyone reading this buys this product an LIKES it, as I do, then please, to help desensitize Billy to the strong reaction he has to positive reviews on the internet, post a positive review (and feel free to dedicate it to Billy Reid!!). Also, he needs to be desensitized to reviews that don’t meet his minimum word count, so do NOT go overboard trying to write a long one… just say what you feel, and hit the post button.

    Ahhh… more minutes in my life that I’ll never get back. Time to get back to enjoying my BizXpres PAID plug-in that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE so much haha

    Funny how when someone who doesn’t know what they’re talking about basically tells you you’re not allowed to like a product and post a positive review, it makes you fight that much harder to defend your position and you end up posting even MORE positive things about the product. (which merely peeves them off even more… then they tell you again that you shouldn’t be posting reviews… you get annoyed and feel compelled to go on to say even MORE nice things about the product you like… they get even MORE peeved off and tell you off again… so you say even MORE nice things about the product… and round and round it goes… )

    Moderator Jan Dembowski


    Brute Squad and Volunteer Moderator

    *Reaches for popcorn while reviewing the reviews (or something)*

    Guys? This has been really gripping reading but I think I can summarize the whole thread.

    wordpressgirl777: This bizXpress Business-Building Plugin For WordPress is as great as sliced bread!

    Bill Reid: I don’t think so and will challenge the veracity of this review! Repeatedly.

    And the topic kinda repeats itself.

    Bill? If you have used this plugin (and that’s an important part) and want to leave a factual review of the plugin and service (do not forget the plugin is what gets reviewed here) then please do so.

    I am now closing down this review. There’s really nothing else to be said.

    Thank you both and have a nice day. 😉

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