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    Last week I bought the paid version of this plugin as I simply love it… but when I downloaded the paid version it is actually the 2.9.5 version of this plugin and it is NOT the paid version.

    I’ve emailed you multiple times and used the support contact forms on the site I bought the plugin, your site… but ZERO response… I paid 75 dollars for this… Dude, where are you? What is going on?

    PLEASE HELP ME! I want this and now my project is on hold as you don’t respond while bitching that nobody buys the code or donates. I donated 70 bucks and just want the product!

    Maybe the other side it not working so i’m trying here! PLEASE REPLY!

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  • hello? anyone supporting this product? I paid for the product and have not received it. It’s been almost two weeks no. 🙁 PLEASE HELP ME! PLEASE…

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    Before you start kicking off!

    a) I have had no emails from you (I don’t know your email address but I just checked the last months worth in my inbox) and I can see no emails from you OR anyone with the name Dug Brown in my inbox.

    b) I have checked PayPal and can see no payments from anyone for my product. So no-one has bought it from my website

    c) The last payment I got (or donation) was £2.50 from someone called Dana Conditt on the 15th of July so if you bought it last week it wasn’t before that date. I went back a whole month and checked PayPal and can see NO payments from you – I don’t even know your email but I checked both my email and PayPal for the words Dug and Brown. Nothing came back.


    Please tell me when and WHERE you bought this product from
    Please tell me when you emailed me and from what address. And what address did you email me?
    Also please note 2.1.5 WAS the latest PAID version of the plugin until I made a new version 2.1.7 – as the Readme states each version is its own product. And the versions go like this 2.1.4 free, 2.1.5 paid, 2.1.6 free, 2.1.7 paid.
    I only put the words “the latest paid for version” next to the latest one – I don’t add “old paid for version” next to older ones.

    Also I have been off work for the last week as my left leg has cellulitis due to my doctor giving me drugs I am allergic to. It is the size of a tree trunk and I have been in bed with it rested above my heart hoping it will go down as I am pumped full of anti-biotics and pain killers. Therefore even if you had emailed me (and I am still checking my PC regularly) I might have missed it – I certainly don’t check this forum every day.

    So if there has been a mistake it will get sorted just don’t kick off as version 2.9.5 WAS a paid for version at one time. Then I made 2.9.7 with the new delete feature and 2.9.6 became the last free one.

    So to be honest I don’t know what has happened who you have emailed or where you bought this from.



    FYI – we figured this out. I bought the plugin for a non-used / old store that is not working correctly so I was out in the cold and so was the author.

    Problem solved.

    I’m so happy I received the paid version. It was a giant goof up and neither of our faults :(.

    WOW is all I can say, the extra features in the paid version are just, GREAT! If you like the free plugin, you will LOVE the paid version!


    Plugin Author Strictly Software


    Glad you liked it!

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