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  • I am working with someone who has a very successful blog and wants to change it to a paid subscription based blog using Word Press software on a web site.

    I am thinking of using PayPal for people to pay for the subscription.

    Here is my problem. The success of the blog has been that it can be found by search engines and gets thousands of hits each day from searches on the engines. I want to make a blog with Word Press on the new web site and have people subscribe to use the blog but I also want search engines to find the content of the site. How do I not block out the search engine spiders with the paid subscription?

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  • You can identify the search engines using User Agent string in header.

    It is against Google TOS to present different content to end-users and to search engines. What you can do is provide Google as well as your users with a excerpt of the content. Subscribers get the full content. Like Forrester.

    for what it’s worth, you might want to try this alternative approach:

    How to sell the content of your web site

    I agree with the above link.

    He could also offer a more indepth article via print or protected pdf file.

    To provide the uesers and the search engines with excerpts of the content is a good Idea. Will word press do that for me or would I have to create a second area and cut and paste the excertps?
    Reason for this question is that over 50000 people a day are going to this blog and to keep up with the volume of excerpts would be too much. The site needs to be as automatic a possible

    Thanks to everyone who has posted so far.

    How does the quantity of readers change the time required to manage the content, using excerpts, passwords or otherwise? In any case, yes, WP does excerpts and you should read up in Codex about the functionality, the information you need is there.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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