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  • Hello all,

    I am currently working on a website using WordPress and we are wanting to have a portion of the site acting as a paid registry system. Is there a plugin that will do the following?

    1. User lands on a registration page where they are confronted by a registration form and payment options (Paypal). Options will include: A; free account (info only listed to admins of website and not publicly displayed), B; single user account (info listed to all public), C; business account (a multiple version of single user account).
    2.a. If free account, submit info to database.
    2.b. If paid account, user is lead to Paypal and inputs Paypal info.
    3. If success, user is sent back to main website and their info is listed in the database.
    3.a. If free, user info is only displayed to admins.
    3.b. If paid, user info is displayed to all public (no membership required to see/access the registry).

    What I have currently been looking at is combining s2Member plugin along with BuddyPress. And while writing this my colleague has come up with a way of possibly making these two plugins work together but I would just like to see if these two plugins are the only (or best) options or if there is another route we should be looking at.


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  • Empereo

    Looks to me as though what you’re looking for is a classifieds business directory with free or paid submissions – there’s a bunch of those around (e.g. AWPCP – Another WordPress Classifieds Plugin)

    Another alternative could be to use the Connections plugin, which has good user capability tools and creates output via shortcode in pages, then you just assign those pages to member classes in s2subscribe – although I think that works the other way to what you’re after, because admins and editors have to create the user entries in Connections, and s2subscribe would restrict who can see it, rather than who can input it …. unless you tier the ability to input based on subscription and allow anyone to view (which Connections allows you to do) and use s2subsribe for the subscriptions.

    Sorry that last para is long and fuzzy – thinking as I typed there (I do that too often).

    To me, what you’re describing is a pay-to-list business directory or classifieds system. Unless you’re planning on extending subscriptions to include those who can view data, I think you might be going on the harder path with what you’re doing.


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