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    We’re a non-profit wireless internet service organisation. We have members with wireless towers placed in various locations, some covering higher radius compared to others. Each member has their own coverage.

    We have many consumers visiting our website to ask whether there is a member who has coverage in their area. So we plan to now create categories of all the major areas in the country. Then create a post for each member. in this post, we will give a small write up of the member, their contact details and a google earth map with an overlay of where they have wireless coverage/service.
    We will allocate the member post into the catergories (areas) they cover.
    So if a site visitor selects category X (which is his area), all members who provide service in category X will appear as posts. he can then log into each post and view the google earth image, and readup about the provide and contact them.

    We have categories where we list areas. And if a member has wireless coverage in that area, we include him in the category.

    I need a plugin for wordpress where in a ‘post’ (headlined the members company name) , I can input all his GPS co-ordinates of his multiple towers, and the radius each tower has coverage of.
    Then the plugin must pull up a Google Earth map, and draw a circle based on the Radius i entered starting from the GPS point. This map must be placed in that relevant members ‘post’.

    So each post will have a unique coverage map based on what was entered in the custom fields (towers co-ordinates).

    Can this be done? We’re willing to pay a reasonable fee for this plugin.
    We will need it to be upgraded to newer version of WordPress as it is a long term project.


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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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