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  • I’ve just started using this plugin, and think it’s absolutely brilliant.

    I run a children’s charity fundraising website, and Achievements is a perfect way of allowing participants to track and compare their progress (the “Karma” points are quite fitting too).

    I was wondering if there were any plans to bring out a pro/paid version? Id be happy to pay if it secured at least 12 months of updates, as I’m sure other people would.

    Reading through these posts, there seem to be a few people with the same recurring issues or requested features.

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    Hi Orbytel. There are no official plan for a pro/paid version.
    Anyway, apparently the plugin is working fine with last updates of wordpress, buddypress and bbpress. Anyway I would like to be part of a crowdfunding to get updates.

    Let see how many people are also interested.

    PD: Months ago I asked some developers of popular plugins about adopt this plugin. Some of them answered me they will consider it in the future. Maybe if we offer a reward to start the job, it will be easier to find someone interested. I can ask them again.

    That sounds like a great idea- I suppose if we could present the idea of a paid version, it may generate some interest. I wouldn’t expect anyone to work on it, and provide support, for free. An annual license or something would be good- say $20-$30 a year.

    I’ve had a look at a lot of alternatives, and they are either nowhere near as good, or ridiculously overpriced (monthly fees etc).

    The plugin is great as it is, but it’d be nice to have a a dedicated website with Dev forum, with the ability to make feature requests, and extensive documentation. I assume there must have been a website originally, which now just redirects here.

    I’ve had to do a fair amount of wading through these posts to find out how to fix certain issues and integrate it with my site.

    That’s an excellent idea about seeing if other plugin authors would be interested. For example, there is a pretty popular plugin set (Easy Digital Downloads) which is used extensively for online stores, crowd funding etc. And it would be a great addition to their extension library.

    Well, I really think this is very interesting, so maybe we can start to discuss how will we do it. I vote to request something such simple as is possible. Just to keep alive the plugin. This is the minimum I think we must to looking for:

    Minimum basis of request:
    – 12 months support and updates for new versions of wordpress and other currently supported plugins (Bbpress, BuddyPress, BuddyStream,, Invite Anyone, WP e-Commerce, and WP-PostRatings)

    – 100% compatible with the current plugin. No need to use another plugin to import / export.

    – Upload the new version to the official repository under GPLv3 license (In case we have to find another developer in the future, we can begin the work done by the previous developer)

    – The main objective is to keep alive the plugin as it is now. Any user may later propose new features, compatibility with other plugins, etc and will depend developer if it does or not

    What do you think?.

    I would also be interested in a paid version, I’m using this for a company site that gives achievements based on work performance. All of my achievements are award rather than event and I feel that area could use some improvement. Some other simple things that are too hard to hack would be nice too, like the achievements award popup disappearing on an Ok button rather than after x amount of seconds. Also a way to clean out achievements from the DB, if you uncheck and awarded achievement it still shows in the DB.

    Would also like a way to grant an achievement multiple times, and show an x5 next to it for example if the user got it 5 times.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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