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    I tried installing the PMPro-Mailchimp plugin as linked to from this thread:

    Everything installs fine and looks like it sets up OK. In the admin section I can select which users are directed to which Mailchimp forms. However, when a user tries to sign up they get a white screen with the following error:

    Trying to subscribe to 816affce43…
    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/startthe/public_html/wp-content/plugins/strangerstudios-pmpro-mailchimp-3183a41/pmpro-mailchimp.php:97) in /home/startthe/public_html/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 881

    UPDATE: Couldn’t see any white space on line 97 of pmpro-mailchimp.php but it was just an echo statement so I removed it. The sign-ups now go through without any error messages, but nothing is being added to my Mailchimp lists.

    I can see Api activity coming through on Mailchimp as “listSubscribe” and it has the big gree tick next to it. Above that, though there’s “listUnsubscribe” which seems to be happening just a fraction of a second later. That has a red error mark next to it.

    Which would mean that the sign-up was working OK, surely? So why aren’t they on the lists? Anyone have any ideas?

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  • Sorry, I’m an idiot. Completely missed the “confirm subscription” emails. Resolved!

    Thanks for the heads up on that warning. Looks like a debugging echo that creeped into things. I’ll get it fixed on the GitHub version.

    RE confirming subscriptions, you can remove this by editing the $api->listSubscribe() call on line 100 per the instructions here:

    You would do something like:

    //false at the end here tells mailchimp to add them directly to the list
    $api->listSubscribe($list, $list_user->user_email, array("FNAME" => $list_user->first_name, "LNAME" => $list_user->last_name), "html", false);

    MailChimp says: “Abusing this may cause your account to be suspended.” So make sure you won’t get a ton of people complaining about signing up.

    I plan to make the confirmation email an option in the dashboard at some point, but you can make the edit above in the meantime if you need to.

    That’s brilliant – thanks for that! I’m amazed at the support you provide on here. It’s fantastic.

    I made that change and things are ALMOST working as I want them now. I’ll explain my set-up quickly.

    When they register, all users get added to the list: ALL USERS
    Free members go on: FREE MEMBERS
    Paid members go on: PREMIUM MEMBERS

    So everyone should be on two lists – ALL USERS and one of the other two.

    Now when I put in the code you gave me above and register a free member they get added to FREE MEMBERS without any confirmation request email going out to them – perfect.

    However they still get the request from ALL USERS to confirm their subscription. I put that code of yours in on line 75 and that seemed to do the trick – the user was added to ALL USERS without confirmation being required.

    However, they were unsubscribed pretty much immediately, and I have no idea why!

    I came up with a simple solution – I just had members subscribe to the individual lists, and if I ever need to send an email to all members, I’ll just send one to each list.

    Got another problem, but will post it in a new thread.

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