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  • I am absolutely loving this plugin. Got my first paying member today, and as soon as I hit 3 members I’ll be upgrading to a paid account.

    I’ve hit on a couple of problems, though, which I only discovered when my paying member upgraded from a free account.

    Using some code I found online I’ve added some new fields to the sign-up form (company_name and rep_name). They capture fine for free members, but when a free member upgrades these values don’t transfer across to the premium member details, so they get lost.

    Also, I’m using the Pmpro Mailchimp plugin, and when the member upgraded she was successfully removed from the FREE MEMBER mailing list, but she wasn’t added to the PREMIUM MEMBER mailing list.

    I’ve updated all the details manually for now, but obviously that’s not how it should be working. Any ideas?

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  • TheBeefChief, glad you are liking the plugin.

    RE added fields being stripped away when users upgrade, etc. What’s happening is “pmpro_after_checkout” hooks are being called, but because the user is already logged in, the extra field values aren’t stored in $_POST or $_SESSION.

    What was needed was some use of isset() around certain parts of that code. I’ve fixed the gist (which you were probably referring to) here:

    Search that file for how I started using isset to make sure that the user meta is only updated if there is a value (can still be blank, but the var must be setup).

    RE the MailChimp plugin. Can you email me a screenshot of your PMPro-MailChimp settings page (block out the API key) so I can see how you’re setup and try to replicate it to find the bug. Email me at


    Thanks for that – upgrade working perfectly now by the looks of things!

    I’ve completely changed my MailChimp set-up now. Realised I didn’t actually need that “all users” list after all. Sorry I can’t send a screenshot.

    I’ve had someone asking me if I can stop the passwords being sent out in the account details email when they register. I’ve had a look but can’t see where the email template is stored. Could you point me in the right direction?

    So that email with the password in it is generated by any WordPress install. If you are running PMPro, you can disable it with code like this:

    function my_pmpro_wp_new_user_notification($notify)
        return false;
    add_filter("pmpro_wp_new_user_notification", "my_pmpro_wp_new_user_notification");
Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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