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  • I am looking for a membership management plugin to allow a nonprofit organization to accept membership payments from their WordPress website. This is not a WordPress paid membership site, restricting access to the website itself, but a plugin to pay for membership to the organization. Client has multiple membership levels and should allow for several extra fields to be collected (such as Business Name, FAX, etc.), and the plugin should have a feature that sends out reminder emails just before membership period expires.

    Anyone know of such an animal?

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  • Hi there!

    You should definitely check out Membership Pro from WPMUDEV.

    It does all of the above, minus the extra fields. But that is easily solved by using the Buddypress Profile fields feature from Buddypress.

    There is also a LITE version you can try on.


    I looked at this plugin and it creates a WordPress membership site, protecting WordPress posts and pages based on membership level paid. I didn’t see that it could be turned into an organization’s membership management tool. From the features listed, it can’t send email reminders to members notifying them their membership is coming due. And the extra fields needs to be part of the membership plugin (not another plugin), so all membership data for a member is in one place (the president of the organization is not tech-savvy).

    It can send emails, via the communication panel. The notes from that page

    This is where you can set up an automated message to welcome your new members or to remind your memebers that their membership is about to expire.

    Also it does contain a single payment gateway that you can use for one time payments. You aren’t required to protect information, however it is a very useful feature.

    Buddypress would be ideal for collecting signups and loads of info, but it doesn’t offer a way to charge.

    Thanks for the response, but I installed the plugin and like several other WordPress paid membership plugins, it cannot do what I need done. The client is currently using aMember Pro but they dislike many things about that program. I was hoping to find the clien a better solution, but at this point, I have come to a dead-end. The client needs a program that collects a lot of information at sign-up. The information must be collected at sign-up, since the member may not bother returning to the website after joining the organization and paying their dues (thus, asking the member to login and complete their profile is not a solution). The sign-up process must include the ability for the member to pay their membership fee. And the program must allow for reminder emails to be sent when their membership is about to expire.

    I Suggest Memberwing plugin + Gravity forms plugin.
    Memberwing allows you to create membership site with unlimited membership levels, and Gravity forms allows you to create super customizable subscription forms allowing people to pay/join your membership site and filling in any information you require them to fill.

    Good suggestion gesman!

    Yeah, Membership Pro is compatible with Gravity forms as well, you can also try Formidable Pro 🙂


    I had the same needs and was pleased to see that civicrm was now ported to WordPress:

    I had been using this in drupal for the same needs.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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