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  • Hiya,

    The WordPress Membership plugin ( does allow you to do this – it has the ability to define the WordPress role for each ‘level’, but it does also require custom registration and account management pages.

    I’m not sure about the ‘roll back’ though. Interesting idea – so basically if a person cancels their subscription – they go back to a free level? I don’t think membership cancels their username, but a rollback feature would be pretty cool.

    Yea, the membership plugin was the closest I could find for sure. But no, it doesn’t have the role back feature as far as I could tell. And also, it only allows two ‘levels’. I’d have to buy the pro version for $40.00 in order to have more than just two – which I need.

    For now, I just have a simple paypal button and I’ll have to do it all by hand. I have an excel sheet ready to go to keep track of who is expiring and what not. But I like I said, I want it to be all automatic.

    Thanks for commenting Mason! I know php well enough to read it and edit minor things, but I don’t think I could actually write my own plugin to do what I want. I don’t know enough to put something together. But I am doing research now to see what it would take/if I can figure it out.



    Hey folks,
    I would also love to have these features in a plugin for my site. Hopefully, if there is enough demand, somebody will hear us.

    I think you missed the plugin that does it all – memberwing (
    First – memberwing does not twist, tweak or changes any roles in wordpress.
    It does not require to make any new or custom login pages. All native, existing wordpress functionality is used.
    This way it offers maximum compatibility with wordpress themes and other plugins.

    Memberwing only adjust metadata for the premium user (fully supported by WordPress API) and this metadata is used later to manage access to premium content.
    Because memberwing does not “invent” any custom roles – it allows it supports unlimited membership levels and name them any way you want.
    You may offer free subscriptions (to build opt-in list for example).
    You may even offer special invitation codes giving new members an ability to get limited trial access to your premium content.
    This could be achieved by installing great free plugin Register Plus Redux together with Memberwing.

    You may have 1001 different paid subscription products (use Paypal to create them) that allow different levels of paid access to different
    posts, pages or categories or any combination of above.

    When subscription is cancelled, refunded or expires Memberwing downgrades user to regular subscriber automatically.
    Optionally you may set this account to be deleted.

    Additionally you may build the whole digital online store with memberwing and sell access to premium downloadables (ebooks, podcasts, etc…) individually or in groups.
    In this case all download links are protected against sharing as well. They will work only for logged on, premium users.
    (other plugins just recommend you to “keep links to premium downloadables secret” – which is of course silly).

    This video shows how to build membership site with Memberwing in less than 50 seconds – as simple as that:

    Hope it helps a bit,


    Thank you Gleb! I checked out the website and see only one downside to the plugin – the free version apparantly only works on sites with 10 members or less including Admin. My site is a full set up that will have tons of members. The “Pro” version of the plugin, for unlimited members is $200.00.

    I will save this however for the future, but I think I’ll have to break down and find a way to write my own plugin.


    I use a paid plugin Magic Members on my website, it is $97 a year, but you can have pay per post, pay per downloads, lots of subscription options.

    I am using it on multi-site which it is not designed to do, but you create login pages the same as the others, I have the login redirect to a subsite with the p2 theme.

    Their support is very good with regular software updates, I had an conflict issue with wp-download-monitor using the same short code [download], they fixed it and included the fix in a release within a couple of days.

    I have a link on my website, as an affiliate I have discount codes if you are intrested, feel free to register, I will be doing a post on the plugin this weekend.

    My website





    Thank you very much for this information. Your site is very interesting and your plugin looks promising. I will have to explore this further at a later date. Again, thanks.

    I used the WPMU membership plugin and s2member. The WPMU one was awful. It had really limited features and it was soooo buggy I couldn’t get even a simple site running. S2Member was totally different, it’s rock-solid and very easy to get running.

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