• Despite paying for a pro version, their graphs continue to display:

    Chart by Visualizer

    This has been an absolutely appalling take over by the new owners, inserting links into people’s front end should never have happened in first place, even for free versions.

    Offer premium features, and people will pay for it. That was a ransomware, that despite paying for, did not work.

    Reverting to old version.

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  • Hi @wagnerjsilva,

    Thanks for choosing Visualizer and we’re sorry to hear about the difficulties encountered!

    The copyright disappears automatically when you activate the Pro version on your site. Keep in mind that the free version has to be installed on the site as well for the Pro version to work. Please contact us by opening a ticket directly on our site so we can take a closer look at what could cause this issue.

    Thank you and we’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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    It doesn’t disappear, it’s the whole point of my rant.

    We paid for it, and yet have the spammy link up.

    Just about to revert to version 3.7.4, and recommend others do the same.

    @wagnerjsilva I checked this on multiple test instances and it works properly. As mentioned above and as you have the Pro version of the plugin, please open a ticket regarding this issue directly on our site so we can help you solve it. This way, we can closely check your site and help you quicker and more efficiently. After purchasing the Pro version, you have to download the zip file from your Themeisle account and upload it as a new plugin on your site, along with Visualizer Lite. Just by making the purchase, but not actually installing the actual Pro plugin on your site, you won’t have any Pro features available since the plugin isn’t installed and activated.

    Have a nice day!

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    I have done all the steps as you described.

    Currently I have ticket open with Poonam Namdev.

    Plugin Support Kush


    Hey @wagnerjsilva ,

    We are Sorry for the inconvenience it may have caused you.

    You have mentioned that you have a ticket opened with our colleagues. In that case, we will continue the further conversation for the mentioned issue there and we wish that the issue will be resolved ASAP.

    I hope you understand.

    Thank you and have a great day!

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