• I’ve tried a number of click to chat agents and found them lacking. Many have per chat fees with quickly escalate pricing out of control. Others are just plain buggy. Several were just badly written and did serious damage to page speed.

    Formilla has a ton of configuration options that are easy for any one to understand. Support is fast and responsive. And to boot their pricing is the most competitive I’ve seen by a long shot.

    We delayed implementation longer than we should have. In retrospect we have seen the plugin pay for itself hundreds of times over in increased high ticket sales through our ecom site. The plugin works very well for us because we are able to set it up to page all sales associates in all of our brick and mortar locations when a chat comes in. After the first VERY LARGE sales were closed through click to chat the sales peopel are FAST to jump on the chats. So this has worked very well for us because we don’t need to roll out a separate click to chat sales team. We just have Formilla installed on the point of sale work stations and brick and mortar agents interface with virtual customers like they would any other customer on the phone or in store.

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