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    So the description states that I can monetize the posts on my blog. But when I went to add a new post to test the feature, I see this at the bottom:

    You can make this post paid for users on AtContent publication page. We will add this functionality to WP plugin soon, thanks.
    Note. If you change publication outside WordPress do not update it within WordPress.

    So I go to my publications area on Atcontent, and notice embed code. The embed code says I can uncheck the title and the body, so I do, as I already have the body in my edit window on the blog. But when I paste the embed code into my edit window and preview, I get my entire post duplicated within the AtContent wrapper!

    At the moment this makes the promised service less than desireable. At what point will the advertised functionality be made available?

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  • Plugin Author Vadim Novitskiy


    Hello songdove,

    Thanks for your feedback!

    When you change publication in AtContent you shouldn’t edit anything in WordPress. And there are no needs to put embed code into WordPress publication you edit. It’s a strong limitation, but now we are working on it.

    Hi Vadim,

    I understand the issue with editing in one place not being wise for the other. That’s not what I’m talking about.

    What I’m talking about is the share and repost/body content not displaying on my site unless I use the embed code. This happens when I say to process through Atcontent API. The share and repost link, and the body will show up only if I use the embed code.

    The way I understood this app to work is that visitors to MY site, NOT to AtContent’s site, could click the share and repost link if they wanted to share the content. If this is only going to work on the AtContent site, leaving my own blog content to be shared at will by my readers, then there’s no point to using the plugin.

    Plugin Author Vadim Novitskiy


    Could you provide link to post which published using AtContent API?

    It seems that plugin code is incorrect. I will be happy correct this mistake and make your blog better!

    Here is the link to the test post:

    This is with:
    Process post throught AtContent API
    Prevent copy actions

    both turned on. There actually is content in that post, but it’s blank as long as I have the first item above checked. If I want to see that content with the above checked, I have to go to my publications area and embed the atcontent code to retrieve the body of my post.

    I haven’t monetized this example. However if I did, the share&repost link doesn’t show up either, unless I embed the atcontent code myself.

    Plugin Author Vadim Novitskiy


    The problem is your pen name settings. You should write ‘songdove’ as your pen name.

    Thanks for pointing that out.

    One request though. . . now that I see what the share/comment/mark link looks like. . . Could those be spelled out?

    EDIT: Sorry, if I monetize them, they get spelled out.

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