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  • Resolved Philip Ingram


    I have purchased the pro version and been using it for over a year now but the first time I’ve encountered this problem where I accidentally marked an invoice as paid and it will not let me mark it back as pending.

    It’s very strange behavior if I change the top “paid” to “pending” the invoice updates as pending but strips out the assigned client back to “Client N/A” and Invoice ID resets back to the WP ID.

    When I update those to the right client and invoice ID and changed paid to pending on the lower “status” drop down, upon save, it’s back to being paid again.

    I’m stuck in a vicious loop and my client has already received the email that this was paid when it wasn’t. Please help thank you.

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  • This is crazy, even when I change the post_status setting from “complete” to “publish” in the db for the post ID, when I view the invoice the first time it shows pending again as desired but it’s no longer assigned to the client and the invoice ID is reset again.

    Upon refreshing the invoice page again, it’s marked as complete again but I can’t find anything in post_meta or a custom db that is causing this. I’m starting to feel like the fast track to this bug is to delete the invoice altogether and just create a new one.

    I also noticed that when changing to due by date, this is also getting reset along with the client and invoice ID. Very frustrating to say the least.

    Plugin Author Dan Cameron



    Wow, that’s confusing and I apologize it’s an experience you’re having.

    Since I don’t completely understand how this is even possible I’m going to explain why an invoices’ status is changed from “pending” to “paid” automatically:

    When an invoice is updated or a payment for that invoice is made the balance is checked. If the balance is zero (or less) than the status is automatically changed to “paid”.

    That is the only time this automation should affect an invoice’s status.

    Does you invoice have a balance?

    PS: since you have a pro license please email me at

    Couldn’t change the status to written-off either so I finally gave up and deleted it. The bummer here is my pro lic has expired but I’m stuck with a pretty significant bug in my opinion.

    Thanks for the explanation Dan but what still doesn’t make sense to me is the stripping of the assigned client, the due date, and the invoice ID out of post_meta when changing the post_status to publish.

    Plugin Author Dan Cameron


    I’m at a loss as to why that would be the case too.

    Let me know if it happens again.

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