• I paid for both Android and IOS apps to be uploaded and I was promised a 72 hour turn around. After a week of no response I uploaded the Android myself and contacted support for a timeline of when the IOS would be uploaded. I was told someone is working on the upload and it should be done soon. I had two step authentication activated and nobody tried to access my account in a 2 month period.

    With some versions of Apple you can’t remove 2 step authentication. They wanted me to remove it after I told them it was enabled and I would have to set up a new Apple ID account which I didn’t want to do. All we had to do was coordinate a time for the passcode to be emailed when they wanted to upload it although they denied that option.

    When I told them they were fired after 2 months of not even trying to access my account (they never tried) they denied a refund. I paid for both IOS and Android and support.

    Don’t go with these people.

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  • I am in the same boat for an IOS app. It loads the screen splash page and then nothing else.
    Luckily i am only in a couple months premium, it would be far worse of they asked for $250 or more
    I am glad i didnt replace my android with theirs. I just needed the IOS
    Back to square one AGAIN

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