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  • Despite being an early adopter, and paying ~$700 for a lifetime license, I’ve abandoned this. The most unreliable backup I’ve every used. Every time I’ve had to go back and restore a site, for ‘inexplicable reasons’ there is no backup to be found. I had one multi-site that just never would work and other sites that just (again inexplicably) would stop backing up and no notification or reason given. I open a support case but of course they cannot find a backup if because it’s not there. They were never able to (permanently) get the issues resolved. I’m done.

    Despite the data losses and these ongoing issues and knowing I’ve stopped using the plugin on any site, they refuse to refund or even partially refund (and therefore won’t take any responsibility) for this. I feel like suing.

    Good concept; execution failure. Do NOT pay money for this. Make sure you have an alternative backup solution if you do use it.

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    Backing up of WordPress depends on many layers, not on the software alone. It has a dependency on your hosting provider limiting our calls or blocking our IPs to having plugins/themes conflicting on our functionality.

    Since WordPress has many dependencies and hosting companies with certain restriction we do hit roadblocks and we try to solve them as we hit it. Though from a customer perspective it’s not ideal that’s the way it is. We try to get on top of the issues and get this sorted.

    We are powering more than 10,000 mission critical function sites without issues and there are some sites which work and then stops working for many reasons which aren’t dependant on the software alone. When we find any issues on the software we fix it immediately and release an update.

    According to the OP, he has been an early user when we were free and he even used our trial. He upgraded to the paid version after thoroughly testing and trusting the software. If it didn’t work, I doubt he would have upgraded. So a random issue has popped up during his usage and we did alert before and asked few details to debug this further but I think that communication wasn’t even brought up on his review. And emailing us after a year directly for a refund and getting angry over not refunding isn’t fair. We have been providing service to this OP for many years.

    Yes, we are based in India and we have been actively supporting more than 10,000 mission critical sites and our response time is less than 24 hours on less critical issues and even sooner on critical issues.

    Since there are many layers of components involved, for so many people it works with zero glitches and for some, we hit certain roadblocks, from the support we try to rectify it even though it’s beyond our control. We have suggested and recommended patches for many plugins and themes.

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    I’m closing this review as it’s turned into a back and forth with other people. Those replies have been archived.

    This review is feedback. That has been provided and the author replied and that’s all fine and allowed.

    What is not allowed is conversations about any commercial versions and that’s where this was. That is also why the review will remain closed.

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