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    I see that I can control how many posts are displayed by editing the values inside wp() and that pagination in edit.php, specifically, is automatically handled if the amount of posts exceeds the value set inside wp().

    I have a page thats been added via a hook to the admin area That page is using the_loop, similar to how edit.php (managing posts) is using the_loop, and I can control the display the same way, via wp() but how do i tell it to “do” the pagination?

    The way edit.php is written for this is odd, in that there are references, like:

    if ( $post_listing_pageable

    that are not found in any other file, and wierder yet, are only found once in that file.

    All I need to do is be able to allow the user to limit whats displayed:


    which works, and then apply the pagination.

    And Ill be honest, Im trying NOT to rewrite core WP functions, if I dont have to.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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