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    i am using generatepress theme with wordpress 4.8.1 and your great mdtf plugin.
    But there seems so be a problem with the pagination of the result page.
    I get < 1 2 3 > but if i click on the links, i always get the same results.

    So i tried several things to solve:

    -I tried your two advices & one of the forum
    -I deactivated all plugins
    -WP update to 4.8.1

    Nothing worked for me. So i startet a new wp installation on another domain with the same configuration and the same modified generatepress theme (content & single files).
    I copied the old themes files to the new domain and checked all WP settings (permalinks, read,write and so on) On the new domain pagination works well, but not on my old one. I don´t know what i could test WHERE the problem is. Same WP Core, Same modfied Theme…I only know, that it is probably not a theme issue.


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Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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