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  1. kaedues
    Posted 6 years ago #

    I am wondering if it is possible to have pagination outside of the Loop. On my website I have a certain category that I want to display on a page that is not my blog page. But, there are many posts and I want page numbers on the bottom. I've been getting the content by using get_pages() but I haven't seen anything anywhere that seems to allow me to do paging. The site in question is here:

    If anyone can give me a pointer in the right direction please let me know. I thought about the query_posts() function but it says on that page that it is meant for the main loop only and I don't really want to mess up my site. So, I'm stuck.

  2. kaedues
    Posted 5 years ago #

    I was able to do this with a WP_query object. I found most of the information here: http://weblogtoolscollection.com/archives/2008/04/13/define-your-own-wordpress-loop-using-wp_query/

    It seems to have broken my archives and tag cloud though. I'm not sure how to fix that so be careful if you are using multiple loops because this could very well mess up other parts of your site.

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