Pagination on Custom loop dont work. (2 posts)

  1. eShoprent
    Posted 5 years ago #


    Pagination here: http://ep.alfa.lt/videos/ is working,
    Here: http://ep.alfa.lt/2011/03/pagaminta-europoje-kaip-atgaivinti-pasitikejima-es-tekstile/ dont working, but the code use the same.

    To see my code: http://pastebin.com/jDqCCX3s

  2. SebAshton
    Posted 5 years ago #

    In the first instance WP PagNavi paginates you though the results set returned from you wp_query but in the single post/page it paginates you through the pages of the post/page. So its going exactly what it should, Is this not the behaviour you want?

    If you want to navigate to the next/previous post in the category have a look at:

    Both of these are intended for use within single posts/pages loop to navigate to the next/previous posts

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