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    Hi guys,

    The wp ecommerce pagination setting is not working correctly for me on crafty cart theme.

    Basically I’ve set the limit to 8 products per page. This works perfectly on the default product page. However, pagination is non existent on the category specific product pages. (nested under the default product page).

    My categories are pretty heavy and I need to break them down or the site will not work. Please share any solutions, I’d be most greatly as this is not something I can figure out myself.

    I’ve tried a few things from info on other posts but none have worked. I don’t know where or how to modify wp_option.

    Thanks for taking the time,


    PS – Not that I’m sure this matters but I’m using a Static page. Custom permalinks – /%category%/%postname%/

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  • Just to make this a little easier when I use [wpsc_products category_url_name=’retro-cards’] or [wpsc_products category_url_name=’kids-cards’] etc etc these category specific page don’t display pagination where as the default product page [productspage] works fine with pagination.

    Please help guys, I’m desperado!

    Oh, I figured this darn thing out. Pretty good thing as I’ve search for help on this for days.

    Anywayz, for anyone who may stumble across the same problem, here’s a solution –

    In order for pagination to work on the category specific product pages i.e when you use [wpsc_products category_url_name=’yourproductname’] to call the products on another page other than the default product page, make sure the name of your category (created through wp ecommerce settings) matches the name of the page you are calling the products.

    Example if you create a product group called magicians in wp ecommerce, make sure the page you display [wpsc_products category_url_name=’magicians’] is also called magicians and not magicians5 or something else.

    I use custom permalinks /%category%/%postname%/ – I’m not sure if this makes a difference but there you go.

    Sorry, I don’t know how to explain this better but if anyone needs help just PM me.

    This plugin saved me £££’s, thanks a lot!

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