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  • I’ve had pagination problems before, but they were related to plugins and only happened on my site/theme. Today, out of nowhere, pagination links vanished from my WordPress installation β€” not only from my blog (homepage, categories, search, etc.), but ALSO from the WP Admin panel, including posts and media navigation.

    I could only find one topic related to this:

    But I don’t have the Adhesive plugin installed and I’ve never heard of it before. I had actually disabled ALL my plugins to test this problem, but even with all of them turned off the pagination links are still gone.

    I’m only seeing the latest 20 posts in every page of my site, even through they’re all in the database and they even show up in the posts’ count on the WP Dashboard and on the top of the Edit page:

    All (23,917) | Published (23,912) | Drafts (4) | Pending (1)

    Here’s what it looks like now:

    Any ideas, guys?! πŸ™ I’m kind of desperate here. Thanks in advance.

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  • The problem is wide in the system.

    There are no pagination links shown on the Posts’ edit page, on the Media’s page (both inside the WordPress Admin), and also on all the pages from the site itself (homepage, categories, tags, search…) and even our mobile version, when accessing the site via iPhone/iPod touch.

    It’s as if WordPress thinks there are only those latest 20 posts to show. πŸ™

    It was related to some time limits for PHP execution in my server. Fixed. πŸ™‚

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