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  • Hello,

    In wordpress admin section > Screen Option > Number of items per page – Right now you cannot view more than 999 pages, post, or list in a single page, but I want to increase it upto 5000 or may be more than that, is that possible? Thanks in advance..

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  • Hi @adityashevle

    To put it briefly, the reason you can’t easily increase the number of items on a page to above 999 is because anything above that number is going to increase the load time of your site, significantly, and, depending on your hosting situation, increase the load on PHP itself as well as the database. So I think the first question to ask is why you want to display 5,000 items on a single page, as opposed to having site visitors page through sets of say 25 or 50. That option doesn’t effect the number of pages created, just what gets displayed at one time. So if you set that number to something like what I’ve suggested above, site visitors can still access the earlier content by moving back through older posts, they just wouldn’t see all your posts at once. Given that this is a forum dedicated to working with assistive technologies in combination with WordPress, as well as other web accessibility concerns with regard to WordPress, I’m wondering if you’re trying to mimmick infinite scroll functionality. If so, infinite scroll creates some particular issues for those who use assistive technologies, as well as those for whom accessibility is a necessity but don’t use assistive technologies, and is very difficult to get right in those senarios. Please feel free to reply to this topic if you have any further questions, or if there’s something I’ve missed in your post.


Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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