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    Dear all, I also face big issues with v6. One of them concerns pagination:

    Despite loss of styling of pagination there is an issue with shortcodes: if you have a list of events (like the eventlist page generate by EM) and you use one of pagination items to access the next site of events, on the following page all shortcodes won’t get proccessed.
    We use some shortcodes in formatting of events description: it used to work and still works with v6 for the first site of an eventlist. The following sites which are accessed by pagination don’t work: all shortcodes are displayed as plain text.

    I cannot provide an example here as this was an production site and we had to switch pagination off ;(

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  • Plugin Support angelo_nwl


    I tried this and it also works for me; You can try the latest EM version 6.1 (with EM Dev version

    Thread Starter vaid000


    Thanks for your reply. I did the update on 6.1 but the problem still persists: after clicking on the second site using a pagination link at the end of an event list, all shortcodes are displayed as plain text.

    We still did not migrate to new event structure and are still in “super advanced mode”. We use shortecodes by “Shortcodes Ultimate” in the formatting of the eventslist to have some columns in the listing – e.g. first column is time, second column is description, etc. We placed the shortcodes in the formatting input field in the backend: Events > Properties > Formatting > Events > Events Listing:

    [su_row class=""]
    [su_column size="1/5" center="no" class=""]
    <span class="time">#_EVENTTIMES</span><br/>
    {has_location}<div><span class="location">#_LOCATIONLINK</span></div>{/has_location}
    {no_location}<div><span class="location">#_ATT{Individual location}</span></div>{/no_location}
    {is_recurrence}<span class="event-icon">↺</span>{/is_recurrence}
    {is_long}<span class="event-icon">↦</span>{/is_long}
    [su_column size="3/5" center="no" class=""]
    <div class="eventlist-title"><h4>#_EVENTLINK</h4></div>
    <div class="eventlist-desc">#_EVENTEXCERPTCUT{30}</div>
    [su_column size="1/5" center="no" class=""]
    <div class="cat-link"> 

    This seems to be a bug by Events Manger / new pagination. For us it is not a big issue – we just switch pagination off and will have soon a workaround without shortcodes (using HTML). But it makes pagination kind of useless for us and I suppose also other shortcodes will be affected.

    Plugin Support angelo_nwl


    Thank you for the additional details, I will re-test this and inform the Devs for a possible fix.

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