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  • Hi there, great plug-in!

    I’m having an issue since moving my wordpress instillation to a new directory. As the title says, the pagination (when trying to scroll by page number only through locations) in the admin “manage locations” section is referencing an incorrect path []. The “next” and “previous page” buttons work fine however, referencing;[].

    I’m not exactly sure where this URL path can be fixed, so any input you can provide is much appreciated!


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    The plugin pulls from the WordPress given path, I am using a simple WordPress “get directory” call. Make sure that you’ve updated the proper URL variables in tables if you moved the site location. You will likely find other things breaking along the way outside of the SLP plugins.

    I believe I updated correctly – it’s referencing the correct URL in the wp_options table, row 3. Is there somewhere else I should be looking?

    It’s referencing an incorrect relative path


    The pagination is trying to reference a folder within my root directory named the same as my URL, which is odd, because I never had my wordpress files stored in such a place.

    Here you can clearly see the difference between the numbered pagination broken links and the prev/next, which work correctly;

    <span class="pagination-links">
    <a href="/unitedstatespilatesassociation/wp-admin/admin.php?page=slp_manage_locations&start=100">2</a>
    <a href="/unitedstatespilatesassociation/wp-admin/admin.php?page=slp_manage_locations&start=200">3</a>
    <a href="/unitedstatespilatesassociation/wp-admin/admin.php?page=slp_manage_locations&start=300">4</a>
    <a href="/unitedstatespilatesassociation/wp-admin/admin.php?page=slp_manage_locations&start=400">5</a>
    <a href="/wp-admin/admin.php?page=slp_manage_locations&start=100">›</a></span>
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    Odd… I’m not seeing that but my server variables may be different. If you are comfortable with editing a PHP file in the plugin there is a method in storelocatorplus-adminui_class.php named “manage_lcoations_pagination” around line 548.

    Around line 596 replace the $_SERVER[‘PHP_SELF’] wit $_SERVER[‘SCRIPT_NAME’] and see if that helps.

    If you are not comfortable you can contact me at to discuss other options.

    Hi! I gave that a try but still no luck. In the meantime I’ve just set it to show 1000 locations, which means no pagination needed (for me) but isn’t ideal. If you have any other ideas I’d be happy to give them a go.

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    Contact me if you can provide admin login + FTP access so I can see this “in the wild”. I cannot reproduce it on any of my servers and would need to do some on-site debugging.

    Sure, I will message you later tonight. Thank you so much!

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    There is a 3.8.13 pre-release (not tested yet so don’t use on a production system).

    If this does not fix the problem go to General Settings and expand the Plugin Environment tab. Check off debugging. Go to manage locations.

    You should see several gray debugging boxes appear. Click on the first one and copy the 3 URLS listed.

    If you don’t have a system you can easily test this pre-release version on, wait until 3.8.13 is formally released here on the WordPress site (it will show up in your admin panel as an available update) and do the above steps.

    You can use the pagination in the result of the search plugin Store locator

    I use version 3.11.1

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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