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  • I know this has been talked about in many threads (I think I’ve read them all!), but please bear with me…

    Basically, I can get beyond page 1 of a list of custom post types.

    The reason boils down to a problem on line 2210 of query.php.

    If change this:
    $where .= " AND ($wpdb->posts.post_type = 'post')";
    to this
    $where .= " AND ($wpdb->posts.post_type = 'post') OR ($wpdb->posts.post_type = 'MY_CUSTOM_POST_TYPE')";
    I don’t get the 404.

    Clearly, I’m not supposed to do that. So what do I change?

    It should be said that, even though I don’t get the 404, I still only get page 1 – not the actual page in the url.

    It must be some rewrite problem, but I don’t know what…..

    All/any help very much appreciate.



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    If I add ?post_type=MY_CUSTOM_POST_TYPE onto the URL, the pagination words….but only for the first 4 or 5 pages (and there are lots more pages).

    Ideas anyone?



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