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  • Is pagination ‘well-hidden’ in 2.6 because there is a plan to phase it out?

    Please link me to development document/blog/anything that has thoughts/plans on the subject. I’m not glad that the [newpage] or whatever it was tags that I used in earlier versions are now completely unused and the readers of my stories are forced to load the whole thing at once. I break my stories into chapters.

    Please bring pagination back, and perhaps do it better… <3

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  • i never found the button to make pages for posts!

    i had to enter the code manually.

    wordpress cannot eliminate pagination of posts! it’s part of blogging.

    do tell me if you have the pagination button in your wordpress installation.

    I believe I had to get ahold of a plugin even back in 2.2 for it, but I remember there being a button beside ‘…More’ for splitting up the post into a new page. Even if there wasn’t (and I can always do a test-install of that old version n a fresh directory or ibay, ) keeping pagination out of the core features would be as bad an idea as adding in tags was a very, <i>very good idea</i>.

    I think it was a feature to the post-making toolbar back in 2005-2006, so rather many versions back, but I think I can quite understand if they are looking to eliminate confusion between ‘Newer posts’ and ‘older posts’ in the navigation between blog entries. I think hi is mostly a templating and wording issue though, and should not be a valid reason to shy away from the feature/having pagination as a core feature.

    Of course the wordpress team has known what they are doing since the very beginning, since <!–newpage–> is something I can easily remember using, since y stories hit the 500kb mark when getting loaded all at once.

    Ok, it’s version 1.5 that has a plugin, an old one, called [url=””]wpPaginate[/url], so that should fit with my time using it – 2004-2005.

    But a plugin for 2.5/2.6 I haven’t found… Ah, let’s try the plugin database. post again in a bit.

    Ok, there is a support page on paginating posts:

    But to use pagination, your blog template needs to have the wp_link_pages() loop in it, as written here:

    I believe the default wordpress themes have this function (wp_link_pages) per default, but of course it can be done by hand.

    This plugin looks to be ideal, as it adds in the tinyMCE (post editor) buttons:

    And while pagination links can be nicely stylized by hand and with css, there are plugins to do it for you.

    Currently I need to re-do all this myself in my posts, so.. I can’t get back to you on [i]which[/i] plugins.

    And by the way, it’s ‘<!–nextpage–>’, not ‘<!–newpage–>’.

    yeap this is one button which i miss on the wordpress toolbar. it should be on the html toolbar along with more. it is even missing from the advanced toolbar in visual mode!

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