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  • Hi,

    I seem to be able to work around the categories pagination issue, but I’m really struggling to get the authors pagination to work.

    I’ve noticed that if you substitute the a in author for an upper case A, it works (eg. ?author=1&paged=2 gets a 404 but ?Author=1&paged=2 does…).

    I cannot for the life of me figure out how to put a re-write in to capitalise it and now, I can’t really go down that route anyway as I’ve set the permalinks to a custom %categories%/%postname%/ and got the categories to paginate using a plugin fix.

    Now (after the fix) I can’t get the authors to work at all (even with messing with the casing). All older post links create a 404.

    I dont even know if this is the route to be taking… its seriously driving me mental!

    If anyone has a fix for the categories and the authors (or just how to fix the authors to show on a custom permalinks setting, I’d be REALLY, REALLY grateful (which isnt a lot, but you know – it’d be your good deed for the day).

    My users really need to be able to see all of their tickets.


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  • if you have custom permalinks in place, author URLs should look like:

    not like you have above….. ?author=1&paged=2 is a non-permalink URL

    You have permalinks configured and everything else is tested to be fine?


    I had to change the permalinks to get the custom posts type to work with the category pagination fix…

    If I remove the category pagination fix and the %category%/%postname%/ custom permalinks, I get 404’s on both the author and category pagination.

    Seriously, this really is driving me doolalley.

    I’m happy to change it back to the default permalinks setting *if* I can get them both to work 🙂

    So I either need to figure out how to get the pagination to work with the capitalisation on Author and something for the categories… OR figure out how to get the author pagination for the custom permalinks.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. 🙂

    My apologies…. I missed the CPT bit of your question. That’s something I’m going to have to look into…… as it seems to affect me too, and I hadn’t noticed!

    Well any help would be greatly appreciated…

    Really dont understand how with default permalinks the author works if you capitalise the A though. 🙂

    Any ideas?

    Any joy?

    Have a better fix, but am not sure how to implement it.

    If you add &post_type=ticket to the queries, they all work… all the time.

    I’m just not sure where to put this, so that it will work.

    I found:

    (last post)

    But this doesnt seem to be working at all. Which is a shame, because it would be a quick fix (which is what I need)

    Put this in your functions.php :

    Then remove the query_posts() call in loop.php

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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