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    Hi, I just want to display news with paging. 2 news per page And I have 4 news to display with pagination. Seems something wrong on my configure.

    Here is my settings on back-end:

    Number of pages with arts : 2
    Number of columns : 1
    Pagination : Arrow
    Max number of elements : 2 (Its for elements per page.)
    Total width : 100%

    Is there anybody can describe how can I get the exact configuration for my requirement ?

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  • Plugin Author WP&Co


    Hi @monalisa

    If you want 2 news per page, you should configure Number of columns=2

    If you have 4 news to display Max number of elements=4

    This will generate 2 pages of 2 news = 4 news total, with pagination.

    Please confirm this fits what you need 🙂

    Hi Ydubois

    What if I have 40 news for example I want them to show

    on 4 pages
    each page to have 10 news divided into 2 columns each column to have 5 news

    any solution?

    Hi Ydubois,
    I’m having the same problem. I’m using the non-Pro version and here are my settings:
    Number of pages with post: 5
    Number of columns : 1
    Pagination : Page Numbers
    Max number of elements : 15
    Total width : 100%
    It does not matter what I change “Number of Pages with Post:” to nor the “Max number of elements”. I always get the same results…which are:
    1 posting per page with a bunch of page numbers (the number of pages I get is the “Number of Pages with Post”

    I was going to create a Test Page for you to look at but may have discovered another issue: The tool on the Post or Page editing screen is now gone where you add the WPFN insert. Will look at this some more before add support item.

    Plugin Author WP&Co


    The free version of the plugin does not offer multi-line / multi-column setups. You can either have a vertical setup with one column, or you can have a horizontal setup with one or more columns and one or more pages.

    WordPress 3.9 upgraded theTinyMCE editor, and the shortcode insertion button of the plugin does not work anymore. We are working on releasing a new version of this tool compatible with the new version. In the meantime, the WP FPN shortcode can be inserted manually like this:

    [frontpage_news widget=”<wpfn_block_id>” name=”<name>”]

    The WPFN block ID can be seen in the browser’s URL bar when you edit the block settings (&post=NNN).

    Thanks for the note on the fix for the TinyMCE and the shortterm fix.

    Also thanks for clarifying the pagination. Guess I need to upgrade 🙂

    Plugin Author WP&Co


    The shortcode insertion button is back in WP 3.9 in plugin version 1.0.1 Please upgrade 🙂

    I would like to scroll horizontally with 2 news in everyscroll verticall one after another… is it available in paid version?

    Plugin Author WP&Co


    @sabarinath: yes, this feature is available in the paid version, with some of the themes.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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